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Icon is born in the mind and heart of the iconographer.

The processing of the matter is preceded by a thorough study of the topic corresponding to the biblical texts, apocryphal, interpretation, explaining the content of the show. You should also look at examples of previously created.

You need a reflection, silence and prayer, after all, just turn itself into twentieth-century tradition of the Church.

I start by drawing up a sketch. The proportions must be properly grasped, the main motion lines, the lines of the garments. Each icon has its own geometry. A self-made ​​sketch allows me to enter the mind and the hand in the creative process which results in further work.

To create icons we invite three kingdoms: mineral (ground chalk, pigments), wood (wood boards, canvas, wine) and animal (rabbit glue, egg yolks of eggs, and hair brushes).

In the icon all teams up and reminds you of the presence of God in creation.


"The icon is not an art to which faith is added, but an art that flows out of a vision of faith." 

Michel Quenot

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